Innovating the music platform and fan experience of tomorrow. 

EMPIRE will be launching NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain soon. 

Digital Commemorative Plaques

Collect Digital Plaques of your favorite artists releases. 

Show support for your favorite releases from the beginning and redeem your “supporter” plaque for a milestone plaque.

Redeem for a Gold, Platinum or Diamond milestones plaque when an artist hits that milestone.

Digital Trading Cards

Collect, Sell and Trade EMPIRE Cards on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is minted on the ERC721 standard to ensure it is compatible with all NFT storefronts and platforms.

NFT Utility

NFT Digital Access

Use your wallet to unlock various digital experiences across the internet. All tied to your ownership of our NFT.

Event Access

Ultimate fan experiences in your city simply by being a holder of our NFT.

Merch Discounts

Redeem your NFT's for Merch bundles and exclusive lifetime discounts on your favorite artist products.

Exclusive access to EMPIRE sponsored events, meet and greets, one on one chats and unique digital experiences only NFT holders will have access to.