Money Man
December 24

Exclusive Music NFT Drop 12/24/2021

December 24 NFT Gallery

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"December 24" NFT Utility

What are the benefits of buying a Money Man NFT?



Money Man’s December 24 is an exclusive EMPIRE blockchain release. You will not hear this music on any other platform. 



Every Money Man December 24 NFT token is redeemable for a Money Man hoodie. 

303 hoodies for 303 tokens.

Redeem your December 24th Hoodie here:

Money Man NFT FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A: All 303 NFTs will be redeemable for a Money Man hoodie. 

Simply visit this website in the first week of February. Redemptions will become available.

Make sure you are connected to a browser with your web3 wallet installed (metamask). 

You will be asked for your size and shipping information. Please confirm all details are correct to submit your order.

**Please make sure you checkout and complete this process once you follow the link and authenticate with your NFT. You will only have one opportunity to use this link. 

Redemption Site:


A: Merch is still in production and is expected to begin shipping the middle of January 2022.

We are shipping internationally. Please make sure you enter the correct shipping information. 

There are no shipping costs associated with the redemption of your NFT. 

A: You can mint a December 24 NFT for .07 ETH. Inner Circle will be able to mint 2 hours before for .05 ETH.

A:  You can purchase this NFT on OpenSea, LooksRare and compatible NFT secondary markets. 

As soon as the redemption date is announced you will be able to go to the website and start the process for redeeming your hoodie. Hoodies are redeemable on a first come, first serve basis with possession of NFT in your wallet.. Only the first 303 NFT holders will be able to redeem for a hoodie. Make sure to check our social media platforms for date of redemption. 

A: No. You will only need to provide proof that you hold one of the NFTs in this drop. Only the first 303 people will be able to redeem for merchandise. Your NFT will only be able to redeem the product once. You will be able to keep your NFT as well as redeem for a limited edition hoodie.

Your Money Man NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the Money Man NFT. You can see your Money Man NFT on Opensea.

Your Looks Rare Account

Your OpenSea Account